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Introduce is a personal Web/Blog born in early 2015 with the goal of sharing knowledge about all things related to technology, such as using computers, using phones, tips to use the Internet in the most effective way.. help you get new interesting experiences and achieve high efficiency at work.

Specifically, in this blog, I will focus on sharing knowledge related to:

Computers, phones, electronic devices….
Technology knowledge.
Knowledge of finance, securities and investment..
Provide useful knowledge for students, students and teachers..
There is also a lot of other useful information. And of course, it is very practical in your daily life…
All the articles that I post on are written by myself, or by collaborators (CTV), in addition, they are also selectively compiled from reputable sources.

NOTE: Here I have to add that, all the articles written by CTV have been carefully read by me and most of them have been edited to better suit the blog’s style, as well as the accuracy of the blog. content.

So, despite being a multi-author blog, you can be assured of the quality of the articles. I take full responsibility for these contents!

The criteria set when establishing the Blog is “QUALITY MORE THAN QUANTITY”, so all the articles are very complete and invested with intelligence, brainpower, and scientific presentation. Although small, but QUALITY, with the desire to be the most complete and useful place to share knowledge for the community.

I will share everything that I know, things that have been experienced in real life and it is really helpful for everyone.

What I know is small, and so is what you know. However, if we share, build together, it will be completely different, right?

With the criterion “Share everything”, I hope to be able to convey the latest information and best tips to everyone, thereby bringing a useful product that meets the needs of the majority. user. Besides, I also really need articles to share good experiences that you have experienced.